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Can you clean air ducts yourself?

Can you clean air ducts yourself?

Is it possible to clean air ducts yourself?

Dust gradually accumulates on virtually every surface inside of a home or business. Air ducts get dusty, there is no way to prevent the accumulation of dust. However, you can have it removed from your HVAC system properly by choosing the correct company. There are ways that you can help reduce the amount of dust that get into your HVAC duct system. Regularly changing your return filters is the best way to prevent dust and debris from getting into the ductwork. Another way is to vacuum the vents and planter shelfs that are in the vicinity of your return air vents.

Cleaning air duct systems is not a do-it-yourself job. Even if you were inclined to clean the ductwork yourself, chances are you wouldn’t own the proper tools, such as special rotary brushes and a high-powered vacuum. Hiring a licensed and insured duct cleaning company is recommended. Research the companies that provide duct cleaning services to see the method that the company uses. You can type into google “duct cleaning company near me” and google will give you results that show air duct cleaning companies near your location.

The EPA states that no evidence exists to suggest that any health hazards stem from light dust accumulation in ducts. The EPA does recommend cleaning air ducts if there is mold growth visible or if evidence points to an infestation by insects or rodents. Source removal air duct cleaning is very effective at removing dust and debris from the HVAC system. Air duct cleaning may help to alleviate lingering odors caused by cigarettes or other sources.

Time to call in a professional AC duct cleaning company

If you discover that an excessive amount of dust is present, call a professional duct cleaning company.  Limit dust accumulation in your ductwork by using the following methods:

  • Remove old dirty filters and install new filter into the return vents in the home or business.
  • You should have your HVAC system maintained yearly in Florida due to the extreme temperature changes we encounter. While the company is looking over the unit ask them if they can show you the inside of the plenum to see if the ducts require cleaning.
  • Vacuum supply and return vent covers. You can also ensure the vents are sealed and not pushing any dust from the attic space through any small gaps.